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Your IT Business Partner - What We Do For You

Solve Your Organisation's Problems - We Deliver Powerful Technology Solutions That Work

You need to achieve a goal.  We listen and understand your OVERALL goals then deliver the right technology solution that supports your objectives at a fair price

You tell us where you want to go, and we make it happen with the minimum of fuss

Generate New Opportunities and Ideas - We Help You Use Technology For Your Advantage

As your IT Business Partner we feel responsible for developing your organisation through technology

We review your business and suggest ways to make you more efficient, smarter, and more effective

Give You More Time - We Take The Hassle Out of Tech

You should focus on your "big idea", not the technology

We live and breathe technology, just send any tech questions or issues our way and we "just do it"

Give You Flexibility And Agility - We Work The Way You Want To

IT is (in our opinion) a support function that enables organisations to better at what they do

We flex to suit you, no difficult contracts, no "sorry, that's not covered", just VIP technology support for special customers like you

Our Purpose And Mission - Why We Are In Business

Our Purpose - Transforming Lives Through Technology

We understand the power of technology.  Technology brings opportunity to the disadvantaged (e.g. empowering under-privileged children), and it delivers colour and mobility to the impaired.

We are all about using technology for positive advancement of the human race.

Our Mission - To Be The "Top Of Mind" Technology Service Provider For People And Organisations Who Strive to Make a Positive Contribution To Our Society

In short, we want to work with folks doing smart, fulfilling, positive, and society oriented initiatives.  You types are the tops!

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Take a Look At What Makes Us Tick
(our values and guiding principles for EVERYTHING)

  • It's all about the customer!

    Keep focused on the customer's big hairy audacious goal.  Listen (and understand) their concerns and challenges, find good solutions, and keep their desires in mind at all times.

  • Use your initiative!

    Don't be afraid to think for yourself (fresh perspectives welcome!).  Keep proactive in your work.

  • You're a professional...act it!

    Take pride in yourself and the service we deliver; we are a force for positive change.  Hold yourself to the highest professional standards.  Work intelligently, diligently, and think about how others will perceive your actions.

  • The only constant is change - get used to it!

    You always know less than you think.  Be open to new perspectives, ideas, and approaches wherever they come from.  Keep learning and push yourself to be even better every day.

  • Communicate for the benefit of the OTHER person!

    Put yourself in the other person's shoes.  Look at the situation from their perspective, then talk/write in way that works for them.  You will be shocked and amazed at how easy life can be when you do this.

Howden IT Ideal Client

We don't just work with anyone

Our clients are very very special.......Oh yes you are. 

The Right Chemistry

Perhaps surprisingly we are rather selective about the projects and clients we take on.
We work with clients who have impactful positive ideas and are a force for good in society.  Our clients value long term win-win relationships.

Positive Impact on Society

Clients who are making a positive contribution to society are simply the BEST customers because they have passion and a  positive mindset.  They know what they need to achieve and they know the difference they will make in the world if they succeed.

Shared Values

We make this active choice (even if we need to turn business down!) because in our experience client supplier relationships work best when the overall mission / values / purpose (call it what you like) of both sides are shared.  We want to positively transform you?

Sounds Like A Match

Are you one of these special people?  You are? Great!  Then let's discuss your project (no charge we promise) so that we can make you faster, smarter, and more effective in what you are us today!

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We strive to make a positive difference in society too

Our Three Positive Pillars


Projects and products that have a valuable and meaningful impact today

We build and create things that give opportunity to the disadvantaged

This can be useful information websites, online courses, or useful systems and services.

If we have good ideas we put them into action.

Advisory - Technology Partnership

Projects that will deliver results "tomorrow"

This our IT Business Partner work.  We believe that by making your organisation more efficient and better we are doing good in the world ourselves.

When we help worthy organisations get their ideas going,  we multiply our (and your) effectiveness...great!

Charity and Voluntary Work

Splashing cash and finding time to help good causes and well-intentioned effective people

Sometimes it's just rewarding and uplifting to get involved yourself. 

Our Core Team of Superstars

Everyone we work with is bursting with integrity and has a fascinating life story to tell.  We value people as individuals and believe that attitude is more important than skills and experience.

Dan Howden - Founder and Director
Dan Howden
Founder & Director
Marketing Director
Paula O'Connell
Marketing Technology
Paul - Operations
Paul Huxley
Operations Technology
Tone Martinsen - HR Technology
Tone Martinsen
HR Technology
Tessa - Howden IT - Researcher
Tessa van Voorthuizen
Customer Service and Research
Team Member
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